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Mönt Lee

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Mönt Lee, an innovative Pop and R&B artist, captivates audiences with his unique fusion of old school elements and new school twists. Drawing inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, and more, Mönt Lee's amazing songwriting and sound is characterized by soulful melodies and electrifying beats that leave a lasting impression.


Born in North Carolina and raised in various cities across Georgia, Mönt Lee's passion for music was ignited by his family's strong musical background, with talented aunts and uncles as role models. Mönt Lee's life experiences, including the challenges of frequent moves and homelessness, have deeply influenced his music, resulting in relatable and empowering lyrics that resonate with listeners.


Currently, Mönt Lee has released over 10 songs, including the ambitious project called Trilogy, a three-song EP accompanied by short films. Each film serves as a chronological episode in the life of an underdog, set in the late ‘80s, introducing audiences to Mönt Lee’s captivating and unique sound. This project showcases Mönt Lee's dedication to his craft and his desire to create a powerful connection with his audience through music and visuals.


In addition to his passion for music, Mönt Lee enjoys screenwriting and outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and paintball. These diverse interests not only inspire his music but also showcase his creative spirit in various forms.


With undeniable talent and a distinctive style, Mönt Lee is poised to leave a lasting impression on the Pop and R&B scene. He is based in Los Angeles, but his reach is global.



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