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Shanice is a 21-year-old pop artist living in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in Bremen, Germany, she has a diverse background, with parents of Turkish, German, and Portuguese descent. Shanice's music is a reflection of her diverse upbringing, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, including Pop, R&B, 80s music, and jazz, and influence from the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Cullum, Gang of Youths, Hozier, and so much more.


Shanice began making music at a young age, writing her first song at the age of four. She continued to write and sing throughout her childhood and adolescence. At the age of 14, she competed in the German version of the nationally televised and worldwide franchise The Voice Kids. Shanice finished as runner-up among a competition field of over 2,000 singers, and the experience helped to solidify her passion for music, as well as a few fan pages along the way.


After high school, Shanice moved to Surrey, England to attend the very exclusive performing arts boarding school Hurtwood House, on their highest scholarship, which she earned over many other qualified candidates. Hurtwood House is considered one of the most exclusive private performing arts schools in the world, with alumni including Emily Blunt, Hans Zimmer, and many more. While there, Shanice studied music and performance, and she continued to write and record her own songs. 


After graduating from Hurtwood House, Shanice went on to study music at Leeds Conservatoire, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Pop Music. While there, she connected with Mark Feist, famed producer (Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, etc) and Hitmakers Entertainment Label Head, who signed her immediately upon graduation.


Now, Shanice has released over 10 songs to this point, which all started with "I Got You" on August 25, 2023. The song is a self-empowerment anthem about knowing your worth and being confident in yourself. "I Got You" has been praised for its catchy melody, powerful lyrics, and Shanice's stunning vocals. The official music video, released the same day, showcases her unbelievable performance and dance skills that rival the best in the business.


Speaking on her music and writing, Shanice said, “I would describe my music as a relief for emotions. Every feeling, or memory you can’t put into words because it is too overwhelming, that is what I aim for my music to express. I want my songs to give a voice to all those sentiments that are so heartachingly powerful that you cannot describe them. I put my heart into all of my songs, so I hope with some of the things I address lyrically, I can help people and inspire them.”


Shanice is currently working on her album, and will regularly release tracks along the way so the world can get to know the breadth of who she is. With her unique sound and undeniable talent, Shanice is sure to be a star on the rise.


Hooked On You

Shanice Complete

Mean Guy


I Got You

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